Colombo Machinery &
Equipment (pvt) Ltd.

Products & Services

Colombo Machinery and Equipment Ltd. provides a range of industrial machines and tools/equipments. We directly import all items from our well known business partners that we have been doing business for over 25 years.

CMEl has a workshop in Biyagama which undertakes all kind of custom requirements of the local customers such as non-standard sized conveyor belts etc.


Hi power diesel generators

Container Seals

All types of container seals (plastic an metal)

Gas Cylinders & Regulators

Large amounts of gas cylinders and regulators


All sizes and lengths of hoists

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts for lifting vehicles etc.


Powerful industrial cranes

Forklifts from Hangcha

Hi power durable forklifts

Conveyor Belts

Industrial custom built conveyor belts and belt systems

Conveyor Rollers

Industrial custom built conveyor rollers and roller systems

Fuel Dispenser

Durable hi-tech fuel dispensers by Lanfeng